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"Buy" ranks with points, or donate by affordable monthly subscription to help keep the community site and server running. We don't advertise, in the game or on the site. Our monthly goal is less then we spend to keep up the system. But we don't expect one person to do it all, every little bit helps. And our reasonable subscription rates help us keep things going, and help you by contributing what works for you. Thanks in advance for anything you can give to keep this publicly funded communities site and server up.
No muss no fuss, no need to remember to do it, just subscribe to help keep the community site and game servers going!
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jarrell97   joined UnlimitedCraft
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annihilaterqCome join in on the forum games if you want.
[Game] I can't sir, it's liquid.
Unlimited Craft community forum. Where users and staff converge to share and communicate.
jarrell97   Yo Terq! Remember me? ;D
superraichuSmall and crappy-enough hotel established for players starting out! Find it at /warp hotel and contact me for a plot. (Make sure to read info pertaining to usage at warp site)
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Chery2k hmmm
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Personwithaface a  Good question
rhino44805   joined UnlimitedCraft
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Chery2k Anyone like the new menu? They added the feature a day or so ago, but today is the first "official" day it is up. I still have more to do with it. But I think it is pretty smooth.
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nullarc5 a  imo the spacing between things is a bit off, but yay theres a forum button now
Chery2k   Yah, it is a little awkward, and I bet on an 11" screen even more so. But overall it is more functional than the old tools they provided.
nullarc5 a  why cant it ever be functional AND aesthetically pleasing >.<
Chery2k My new used clarinet! Only 29$ and it just needs a ligature.
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Chery2k   Just a little RL
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The primary server is 1.7.9 craftbukkit. FTB is 1.5.2
I'v been out of this server forawhile, are the servers not updated o.O?
Thanks Chery, Also for anyone who might be interested in Rust you may want to purchase the game now while it's cheap. Whether we get a server or not we will be affiliated with one. $20 on steam for the time.
Also, for MC-ServerList it takes the vote but doesn't show here.
also, idk how to get it to work yet either, everytime I run it, it overrights the regions
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